From Ken Hawley: 

The Transformation Project has drifted… away from our bulls-eye! It is so vital that we remain focused on our mission to help young people transition back into community.

It is our mission to see Jesus Christ transform lives and better our communities by equipping and providing reentry opportunities for young adult offenders.

Thanks to wise and godly counsel, and their discernment, The Transformation Project is back in alignment with our true mission!

In the last year, The Transformation Project began to drift away from our intended target by investing much of our efforts into prison ministry. The original mission was to collaborate with other faith based ministries like Straight AheadKairos, the local Church and the Department of Corrections with the purpose of making the necessary handoff from ministry inside lock-up to reentry ministry.

Both Prison Ministry and Re-entry Ministry take focused dedication and are key for the success and spiritual formation of our offenders. The Transformation Project’s vision is to dedicate ourselves to creating a reentry program that transcends all other options for our young offenders here in Maine and beyond.

Many of you may be wondering: does this mean TTP and its volunteers are no longer ministering inside Long Creek Youth Development Center and other correctional facilities in Maine? Not at all! Many of our volunteers, including myself, continue to regularly go into lockup on a voluntary basis to love and encourage offenders with the hope of Christ and help them to prepare for reentry.

The Transformation Project was also gearing up to go into the restaurant business by opening up The New Day Café. Thanks again to Godly counsel and their discernment, we have redirected our attention to our true mission. We are now preparing to lease the 1400 sq. ft in the front of our building to an existing Cafe business that desires to collaborate with our employment model for offenders.

We’re so grateful for the wisdom of people like Scott Larson of Straight Ahead Ministries and our new board of directors, directing us back to the vision God has given us. There are many young offenders out there that are counting on The Transformation Project. And too many of these individuals have either lost their lives since being released, or have entered back into corrections. With God’s help, we will be able to offer our young offenders opportunities to become all that God created them to be.

Our targeted ministry focus:

#1 Open up our Re-entry Home for young adult offenders from the ages of 18-35

#2 Open our Venue space for meetings, training, art and performances

#3 Lease our designated Cafe space for employment and job readiness training

Ken Hawley

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