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Is It You?

The residence upstairs at 907 Main Street is now ready. We are getting inquiries regularly about the status of the program and if anyone has moved in yet.

We have had two Residential Program Manager (RPM) candidates who we thought were right for the position, but who did not turn out to be who God was calling to our ministry.

So, where are we now?

We are waiting on God. This may seem really strange to people accustomed to a traditional hiring process. This position is much more of a calling than a job, and so the hiring process is different, as well.

Learning the Christian discipline of waiting on God for the right thing at the right time is a lifelong process. We hope to teach this discipline, and we hope to model it in this ministry. So, we go forward, trusting the same God that has sustained us a helped us finish construction and expand programming

with less resources in the middle of a pandemic.

As we wait on God, we are taking some other steps:

  • We are reaching out to ministries and other organizations that may know of a person or a couple who are right for our program;
  • We are revisiting our vision for the RPM. The right fit might be an older couple who have not been in prison or recovery, but just have a heart for this ministry;
  • We are also revisiting the duration of the position. Perhaps our ideal RPM might be a person or a couple who wants to help get us started for a one- year assignment.

We are willing to consider all of our options and make a decision based on where God is leading. We were really hoping to have found the right person months ago, but it is ultimately all up to Him.

So, we are asking the question:

Is it you?