The Circle

The Circle is our group of most active and faithful supporters. We are committed to providing opportunities for ex-offenders to realize and live out their potential, becoming all that God created them to be.

The Circle is about more than monthly giving – it’s transforming lives and our communities. As a member, we want you to feel connected to our ministry and mission.

When you join The Circle, you will:

  • Witness Jesus transforming lives
  • Provide offenders both inside and outside of corrections opportunities to embrace faith, integrity, sobriety, and health
  • Encourage our ex-offenders to spiritually mature and grow closer to Jesus
  • Give ex-offenders a place to belong and be part of a healthy and supportive community
  • Increase our impact through sustainable and reliable funding
  • Serve with us for His purpose


per month

Can fund free
online services to
transitioning out
of corrections.


per month

Can fund training
and certification
for 10 reentry


per month

Can fund one
week of room and
board to one
member of our


per month

Can fund our
Men’s and Women’s
community nights
and Bible study
groups for an
entire year.